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Special Events

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Customize your Room or Hotel room for any occasions!

Birthday * Anniversary * Bachelorette * Engagement * Proposals * Mothers Day & More

Let us take your room and turn it into a surprise heaven!

Choose among our extra features.
*The 89,95$ standard fees do not include the bedroom cleaning. *decoration set up only*



Coverlet & Rug 45$
Sheets and Duvet Cover starting at 45$
Sheets Purchase  60$
 LED Lighting 40$
Massage Candle 40$
Fresh Rose Petals & Candles starting at 90$
Rose Petals & Candles 65$
Flower Bouquet starting at 50$
Platter service 25$
Platter service with Steam Effects 55$
Customized wine or champagne Glasses (2) 70$
 Ice 15$
Selection of Cheeses & Dessert for two starting at 85$
Choice of Wine or Champagne Bottle among our Selection
(price according to SAQ price)